God’s Judgement on America for Abortion Begins

April 24, 2015 Off By Pro-Life Dave

“Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”
– Thomas Jefferson

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Tonight, April 23, 2015 as cities across the United States fall quietly asleep, something that many in the Pro-Life Movement have speculated upon has begun. This has been ever increasingly. heavy-on-my-heart over the past few weeks and I cannot hold it back anymore. The weight of millions of preborn children murdered in the womb has not escaped God’s eyes. The Bible declares that God is just, that the blood of those innocently murdered cries out to God in a very loud voice – which he hears and will bring justice, an accounting and judgement. And as Thomas Jefferson said: “His justice cannot sleep forever.”

Many in the Pro-Life Movement have cried out to God for answers, for justice, for an end to abortion. We wrap ourselves in the struggle to understand, to reconcile, to rectify, to appeal, but when God’s judgement comes there is none of that but punishment (pain and suffering) for those who participated in the injustice of murder of the most innocent in our society. There are no more appeals, no more campaigns… there is just no more but a fear and trembling – watching God’s justice fall.

God’s judgement is an interesting discussion in general.  For example, many may think incorrectly that God may use us to punish – but that would put the focus on us and not God.  There are historic times, and this is one, where God purposely and clearly does the judging himself so that everyone will know it was him.  Someone stated that God might use acts of foreign terrorists to judge America and I quickly corrected them on this point – that we will know it was God, and God alone for who would get the credit?

As these understandings have become more real to me, not of my own desires but of the desire of a just God, my struggle with the immediate impending judgement has been hard to come to grips with.  As God is Pro-Life, I am Pro-Life. I abhor the taking of even one life, because in my view each and every person, and yes even murders of unborn children, can hope to find salvation.  There are many scriptures in the New Testament that talk about, that we are called to the ministry of reconciliation, that we are not to even think about ‘calling down fire’ from heaven as the prophets of old testament did – that we must seek to preserve life so that each possibly have the opportunity to find our beloved lord and savior, to find God.  I ask the Father, can you just do some property damage so show your judgement so that those states who reject justice and protection of unborn children may still be used as an example.  I feel like Abraham pleading with God to not destroy the evil city of Sodom.  The answer is I have some understanding but I do not know the full extent, small or big, in the way God will judge.  I was shown recently that those millions of babies that were murdered deserved to live and that while we are held to preserve life of all, those who are guilty of participating in murder are not innocent – so God’s judgement is truly just and appropriate and proper within Torah and the Bible.

So the judgement of God is not coming, it is here.

If you could understand this fully, and how it greatly grieves my heart to the point of breaking down in tears and weeping, and at other times to see God work and also bring justice to millions murdered – all this brings many variety of feelings and emotions.  I truly prefer to continue our Pro-Life efforts, because at the core I am attempting to convince people to obey God and do the right thing.  It is about saving unborn lives, but it is also about helping people walk a path of valuing life and justice.

I write this tonight without editing my thoughts but in hopes of warning or cautioning the faithful, those who do listen to God and may hear this, to be prepared and to not be alarmed.  A call for us to pray together for strength during this time.  This has been coming for a long while.  Judgement will be at the hand of God himself.  Pray for what you are to do – in hoping to save as many lives as possible.  Remember God’s judgement is not about your opinion.  Do not contradict God’s judgement and work against his will and become subject to this same move of his justice.  Stay focused on God, ever listening, and waiting on him.

A Pro-Life leader once asked me if I was a prophet, if God had given me special knowledge or a special message.  All I can say is, I hear God so I repeat what I hear. I hope there are others who hear God’s heart and what he has been saying also.  There is a regular pattern to what God does before he judges a people, that is he sends a prophet with a warning to repent and do the right thing.  On November 1, 2005 I made such a declaration with the introduction of the first state Personhood Amendment introduced in U.S. History.  This Nov. 1st is the 10 year anniversary.

Recent Personhood efforts around the United States are, in my view, God’s final call before his judgement to do the right thing, to stand up for unborn children.  Those states who have openly, as one people, voted against Personhood, I do not see anything holding back God’s justice and judgement. Other states have varying levels of culpability, that meaning they are guilty still, mainly because on one hand they stand up for the rights of unborn children, and on the other hand they allow them to be murdered without seeking justice.  As for the Federal government, I would not know where to start – but when it comes right down to it – it is those at the state and local level who all along could of been doing the right thing.

Where will judgement fall first.

I feel judgement will begin on governments and with those in leadership positions.  This is a basic understanding that those in positions of leadership are held to a higher level of accountability.  Yes at the Federal level, but mostly at the state and local level who could have protected life and sought justice (which is government’s primary job), but did not.  It’s hard to say when and where and who – but we know that God is just and he knows who and why.  I still hope that God will only do some property damage and people will repent and turn back to God quickly.