A Word about Personhood Mississippi, Initiative 26, and Leslie Riley

July 7, 2009 Off By Pro-Life Dave

ProLifeDave-logo2_425wA Word about Personhood Mississippi,
Initiative 26, and Leslie Riley, its sponsor.


My Analysis of Initiative 26
Leslie Riley’s Past Endorsement of Pro-Life Dave’s Personhood Amendment
Initiative 26 Fatally Flawed

Leslie_Riley_face100I personally know, respect, and feel a kinship to Leslie Riley.  Leslie is the official sponsor of Initiative 26 and has worked in the conservative movement for many years.  Leslie is also the Chairman of the Mississippi Constitution Party and this is where I got to know him.

In 2005, I sponsored MS People’s Initiative 22, the first ever proposed state Personhood Amendment in U.S. History, and continued the effort in 2006-2007 with Initiative 23.  In 2009 I am helping lead Initiative 24 as a continuing effort to establish personhood for unborn children and also general life protection for everyone. 

In 2007, Leslie had endorsed Initiative 23 and encouraged others to support me and our amendment.  In 2008, Leslie Riley had given his word to support me and Initiative 24.  He was excited to bring his network of contacts, friends, and family into helping make Initiative 24 succeed.  Without rebuke but disappointment I write this.  Every man has to stand on his own and also reap what he sows.

Late in 2008 I learned that Leslie was talking to some lawyers, who I also knew, who had totally dismissed the concept of a state Personhood Amendment just a few years prior.  I spent a full year researching our wording including bringing in scientists, biologists, historians, and constitutionalists in its construction.  The wording of the Ultimate Human Life Amendment (UHLA), and the quality of its workmanship, stands for itself. 

Since 2004, I had been working on state Personhood Amendments (aka Human Life Amendments).  I had worked on 6 Mississippi Constitutional Initiatives, leading 3.  I can see the hasty construction and lack of in-depth research conducted on Initiative 26.  Any person who is serious about Personhood must do their own research before consulting lawyers otherwise they’ll get easily confused.  As one joke goes… you get 5 lawyers in a room and you’ll get 10 differing opinions, each opinion being defended as correct.

This is what I feel about Initiative 26

It is sloppy legal work and it was not thoroughly researched and something as important as personhood for unborn children should have been.

Leslie Riley had been asking me not to promote Initiative 24 and come on board with the Initiative 26 campaign.  I just could not due to the serious lack of quality work on their amendment.

I believe Leslie Riley has gotten bad advice from lawyers, some who in the past had scoffed at the ideas of a state constitutional amendment for the unborn.  I was not surprised that these lawyers were prideful of their own opinion and could sway Leslie to promote their arguments as the only correct way.  I sincerely love Leslie, my brother in Christ, and believe his heart is in the right place but also believe he was seriously misled.

Pro-Life Dave (David Rogers)

Leslie Riley Endorses Pro-Life Dave and Initiative 23 in 2007:

“Pro-Life Dave” Rogers takes principled lead
in the pro-life movement.
by Leslie Riley

“Pro-Life” Dave Rogers, candidate for State Senate, has written a State Human Life Amendment & began a People’s Initiative petition drive aimed at establishing personhood of the unborn and overturning Roe-v-Wade.

He needs the help of the rest of us pro-life Mississippians to volunteer to get the petition out and money to fund his efforts.  To find out how you can help put the final nail in the coffin of the child-killing business in Mississippi visit www.UnbornChildren.com  or www.Initiative23.com.

Source:  MS Constitution Party News  –  June 2007  –   VIEW