Pro-Life Dave’s Hurricane Katrina Story

Pro-Life Dave’s Hurricane Katrina Story

All Photos and Audio © 2005 David Rogers.  All Rights Reserved.

Hurricane Katrina will be irrevocably connected to the introduction of first state Personhood Amendment because it was scheduled to be filed the week Katrina hit.

Below is a part of Pro-Life Dave’s Katrina Story.

The Nov 1st photo (right) and filing took place only two months after Katrina.



katrina-4Work on the first ever state Personhood Amendment in U.S. History began in 2004 and was finalized in August of 2005.  Overshadowed by surviving the devastation and aftermath of a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina, the official introduction of the first ever state Personhood Amendment was only delay two months.  With our Biloxi offices totally destroyed and our supporters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast devastated, and in the midst of major relief and rebuilding efforts Pro-Life Dave (David Rogers) fought his way forward to carry out the calling and the mission God had given him.  The official filing (introduction) took place in Jackson, Mississippi (our state capitol) on November 1st, 2005 (see photo above).  The official filing letter contained the “Declaration for the Unborn” which you can read here.

icon_audio12Talking with Ms Betty
Hear a neighbor’s personal story.  (MP3 Audio – 8 min.)
icon_audio12Talking with Gordi
Hear a neighbor’s dramatic story.  (MP3 Audio – 15 min.)

My Street – Day 2
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My Street – Day 2
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I rode out Hurricane Katrina two blocks off the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi.  I decided to stay to be in the best position to be able to protect the home I was in and also to respond to friends, neighbors, and family in the heart of any post-hurricane recovery.

After the storm passed I spent the first grueling week helping friends and neighbors triage their homes saving as much we could (photos, important papers, etc.).  My body all cut up, bruised, and aching, with no electricity and the heat in the South, I, like many Coast residents spent the evenings attempting to sleep in the terrible heat.  Unfortunately the heat was so bad that the exhaustion of the day’s work just added onto the evening’s exhaustion of attempting to sleep while sweating through the night.  All this added to not being able to take a shower during the first week.  Needless to say the first week was a blur.

downtownbiloxiThe next week continued a fight to locate friends and neighbors — some stayed and were in shelters or with friends and others left the area without telling anyone, others were just surviving anyway they could since they lost their homes.  In light of all the needs I was running into, I decided to organize a relief effort among our area congregations.  While having to admit I needed food, I also felt strongly that I could not turn away the pleas of friends and neighbors.  But being in need myself I had nothing to give, so I had to send my plea out to affiliated congregations in the country to come to my aid and to also beg them to help me help others.

rescueworkerThe Fire & Rescue Effort for survivors and bodies in demolished homes was done on an unbelievable scale.  All the homes on the first block from the beach were gone.  It’s been reported that 80% of structures within the first three to four blocks of the beach are gone, totaled or have heavy damage.  (As of 2007 it was estimated we lost over 75,000 homes in our area).  As you see my pictures and video you’ll understand how God protected me and the home I was in.

Most Storm Surge Waters (see the rubble in the photos below) deposited the debris from the homes in the street.  The water actually came to the downed pine tree (above) and stopped.  The downed pine tree created a heavenly dam to protect me and the neighbors from the approaching of the storm surge.

Keesler Air Force Base, located to the North, clocked winds at 140mph at which time their equipment reportedly blew away.

All the homes in the photos below got at least some water damage.  God protected me and the home I was in during the storm.  I did not receive ANY flooding, roof, or other damage to their house, except for fallen tree limbs.  Two of the neighbors across the street got trees in their homes and others roof damage except for my neighbor just to the North and South of me.

Many of the neighbors and my friends have had at least some serious damage to their homes.  Many have had their homes totaled, flooded, or simply wiped way.  While we theorize today as to the reasons and causes we will only know more clearly after time as to the true meaning of Hurricane Katrina.  Could this have been a judgment on New Orleans with it’s non-caring concern for moral stability AND on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with its hoard of greedy casino bosses?  Only time will tell.

biloxilighthouseI grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I know these people well and their personal tragedies break my heart.  I was a child in 1969 when Hurricane Camille devastated the Gulf Coast.  It was, until Katrina, marked as the worst Hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast.  In 1969 I rode out the Camille with my parents in a church a few blocks off the beach in Gulfport (the next city west of Biloxi).  I do remember the stress of the time and getting water and taking showers under a water tower.  God has always protected me and looking back I now know why.  Maybe someday, in person, I will share these things with you.  And maybe soon you will know, in part, for yourself.

Personally, my business suffered a total loss due to losing about 90% of my client base.  They simply didn’t exist any more.  Before Katrina we had readied the campaign for the Ultimate Human Life Amendment, which became People’s Initiative 22.  Because of the devastation and our urgent need to focus on relief efforts, I had to wait 2 months until Nov. 1st till I could file the official paperwork.  I felt that regardless of my situation, trying to survive the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I could not ignore the mission to end abortion that God had given me.

Some people reminded me that the Brownsville, Florida Revival started after a devastating hurricane and that God might use this to spark revival in people’s hearts.  Let us hope… and pray for such a spark.  Unfortunately, it is often only in times of ‘falling in the pit’ or of personal tragedy that many stop to contemplate life’s meaning and purpose.  Let us hope… and pray that those along the entire Gulf Coast will utilize this opportunity to turn their hearts toward God.

Shalom (Peace),

— Pro-Life Dave (David Rogers)

My Street – Day 8
Debris Clearing Continues

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My Neighborhood – Day 8
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My Neighborhood – Day 8
All over the Coast people are flying the Red, White, and Blue as a symbol of unity to to enlarge

Loading My Van
(Photo From Week 3)

2 to 3 times a week I trucked in (from Alabama) and distributed food and supplies to neighbors and area elderly known to be in need. When done my van was packed to the ceiling.

Food, Water, & Supplies

I organized several churches to work with area resources and within their denominations nationally to truck in food, clothing, supplies and to provide financial, clean-up and rebuilding assistance to their members, members’ neighbors and neighborhoods around the churches.

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All Photos and Audio © 2005 David Rogers.  All Rights Reserved.
Except for the Photos of the Biloxi Lighthouse, Downtown Biloxi (Reynoir Street), and the Fire & Rescue.