Join the Strategic Arm of the Personhood Movement

Join the Strategic Arm of the Personhood Movement

Join The Strategic Arm of the Personhood Movement

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 We NOW Know How to END Legalized Abortion in America, Once and for All!

end_of_roe_v_wadeWe challenge you to investigate, test, and research it for yourself. Once you discover the truth take a stand! Do not look back on this day only to wonder what you could have done. Don’t miss this opportunity that God is handing you. You’ve prayed for Unborn Children. You’ve prayed for abortion to end.  When God’s answer comes, how will you know?  Do not pass this opportunity up to know for sure.

Pro-Life Dave is a 25+ Year Veteran Activist, Consultant, and Strategist in the Pro-Life, Pro-Family, and Constitutionalists Movements with over 20 years experience working in legal research and on state constitutional initiatives.

Pro-Life Dave was the first in U.S. History to introduce a state Personhood Amendment and is considered the Founding Father of the Personhood Movement for his pioneering research and work started in 2004.  Dave has developed other just as powerful strategies that can overturn Roe v. Wade and with your support, together we can achieve what the Pro-Life Movement has failed to accomplish in over 40 years.


musclesPro-Life Dave is the only one in the Pro-Life Movement who focuses exclusively on key, strategic states that have the highest likelihood of establishing Personhood for unborn children.  It only takes one state to properly establish Personhood to overturn Roe v. Wade and end legalized abortion throughout the entire United States and territories.  You may be surprised to know that some states do not require a Personhood Amendment to be passed but only need the right kind of development.  Pro-Life Dave works to develop and prepare key conservative states for the proper introduction of a Personhood Amendment giving it a better chance of success.  It is these critical differences in understanding and Personhood Strategies that make us the STRATEGIC ARM OF THE PERSONHOOD MOVEMENT and with your help we can make ending legalized abortion a reality in the short-term.

While national personhood organizations like Personhood USA and Personhood Alliance focus on all states, and state organizations only on their state, Pro-Life Dave’s plan focuses exclusively on strategic states with the highest likelihood of establishing Personhood.

topsecretfilefolder1You may not have heard about Pro-Life Dave or his work and this has been for a reason.  Since 2009, Dave has learned he can best establish Personhood by work out of the spotlight, behind-the-scenes.  Also due to the extreme sensitive nature of the work, Dave does not publicly disclose specific details and strategies.  If you have questions, you can contact Pro-Life Dave and he will try to answer your questions to the extent that he can.



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