The First State Personhood Campaign (2005-2009)

The First State Personhood Campaign (2005-2009)


The first State Personhood Campaign in U.S. History (2005-2009)

THIS AREA HOLDS THE HISTORIC ARCHIVES for the first State Personhood Amendment Campaign which ran in Mississippi from 2005 to 2009 under Constitutional Initiatives 22, 23, and 24.


While many in the Pro-Life Movement have given up hope of overturning Roe v. Wade and Abortion in America, you’ll find the cause is alive and well here.  But this is the difference, we are not leading just another Pro-Life project, we are leading the Ultimate attack to end legalized Abortion in America once and for all.

Investigate, test, and research it for yourself.  Once you discover the truth take a stand!  Do not look back on this day only to wonder what you could have done.  Don’t miss this opportunity that God is handing you.  You’ve prayed for Unborn Children.  You’ve prayed for this moment.  Now Stand!






2005-2009 Campaign Photos

We covered 90% of the Counties in Mississippi.

i-waveland2   mayersville tishomingo co

tupelo2 2006petition2


store owner philadelphia tunica


liberty drug store1  liberty drug store2
iberty, MS – Home of Jerry Clower (Famous Southern Comedian)

Columbia, MS Clarke County, MS Benton County, MS Duck Hill, MS

Claiborne County, MS Bruce, MS Flora, MS Ellisville, MS

Fayette, MS Decatur, MS Cleveland, MS Greenwood, MS

Forest, MS Choctaw County, MS Columbia, MS winston co

i-laurel3 holly springs i-corinth2 

  i-lumberton1 grenada Noxapater, MS

i-portgibson2 i-magee2 marks1 marion co

noxubee co itawamba co i-waynesboro1 i-union2

neshoba co skidmore scott co philadelphia

mendenhall2 mccomb

oxford tupelo store

west point stone county

i-ellisville1 DeKalb, MS Macon, MS i-newalbany1 i-lexington1

corinth i-charleston1 i-baysprings1 i-pachuta2 noxopeter sign

yazoo co cthse  warren co

wiggins2 vicksburg newton ponotoc co

meridian sardis union co pike co

raleigh waynesboro walthall co taylorsville

i-eupora2 panola co belzoni yalobusha co

i-senatobia1 Franklin County, MS



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