(1993-2005) President, Gulf Coast American Family Association (AFA)

(1993-2005) President, Gulf Coast American Family Association (AFA)

Pro-Life Dave was President of the Gulf Coast American Family Association (AFA) from 1993 to 2005.  Operations were shutdown after our Gulf Coast AFA office and library was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Two Months later Pro-Life Dave filed the first state Personhood Amendment.  See also: Pro-Life Dave’s Katrina Story.

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Gulf Coast AFA President (1993-2005)

David Rogers, President

David Rogers served as President of the Gulf Coast American Family Association since its beginning in 1993 to 2005.  He is also known as  “Pro-Life Dave” for his work in the Pro-Life Movement.  Dave works purely as a volunteer and does not take a salary for his time.  See Bio.  Since 2004 he has led the work on state Personhood Amendments and is considered the founding father of the Personhood Movement. Personhood is a movement within the Pro-Life community to establish a state constitutional definition of a person that includes unborn children, thus making killing an unborn child a crime punishable under existing murder laws.

WLOX-TV 13 News Interview in 1992Dave started work as a grassroots organizer in 1990 opposition campaign in the Dockside Casino Gambling Referendum in the 3 coastal counties and in 1992 in Harrison County (see photo right).  He is a Political Strategist, Consultant, and Speaker in the Pro-Life, Pro-Family, and Constitutional Movements.


Here are a few highlights from Gulf Coast AFA’s History:

Combating Pornography in the Community

Gulf Coast AFA facilitated the writing of a Gulfport city ordinance that resulted in the closing of a strip club.

stock photo

We also led fights against pornography and its promotion within the community.   See also the Hustler Protest.

We led the public on discussions about the effects of pornography and how we needed a community standard that included a zero tolerance of pornography.  We created the Anti-Pornography Campaign and distributed “Action Kits” to churches with simple strategies to start combating the public sale of porn magazines.  We also trained volunteers to effectively combat public display and sale of sexually oriented materials contained in other products and non-porn magazines — focusing on items easily seen by or accessible to minors.

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Combating Destructive TV

Gulf Coast AFA organized the nation’s largest TV monitoring group in AFA history.

tv oldWe monitored all 4 TV networks for sexual, violent, and language content.  The purpose was to document national advertisers and the TV programs they funded.  Along with other AFA groups around the country the data was compiled to reveal the top 12 worst offenders and became AFA’s “Dirty Dozen” list for use in lobbying advertisers to reform network programming.  This project was later discontinued by AFA national.Back to Top of the Page

As the President of the Gulf Coast AFA, Pro-Life Dave had the privilege of heading the South Mississippi Pro-Life Task Force which organized and coordinated Pro-Life activities and education among churches in 13 counties.  After the Gulfport abortion clinic shut down, that removed a major rallying point, and the Task Force work stopped.

One of those events that we organized was the annual memorial service which we normally held in a field right next to the Gulfport abortion clinic itself.
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1997-Mem-Service---Roy-tWe also organized and coordinated efforts in counseling and in keeping a presence at the Gulfport abortion clinic.  During this time we had the great privilege of personally seeing God shut it down!
For a time we coordinated carpooling efforts to the Jackson abortion clinic, now the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.

a kids playground on one side of the razor wire fence and the Gulfport abortion clinic on the other side

razor wireRazor and Barb Wire hung atop the Gulfport abortion clinic’s fence, just like a concentration camp.  On one side was a playground where children played and on the other side children were delivered unto death.  After we occupied the property we carefully pulled down the wire and now keep it as a trophy of God’s Victory.

The Annual Candlelight Memorial in January was organized outdoors at night in this same field (seen right) next to the Gulfport abortion clinic.  In addition to regular TV and Newspaper coverage we also broadcasted it on our AFR radio station!

In 1998 we placed these white crosses in that same field and surrounded the abortion clinic on 3 sides with 4,400 crosses.  It was an impressive site to behold!

More about the abortion clinic shutting down

A nearby church bought the Gulfport abortion clinic property just prior to it shutting down.  We had been watching over the fence as the abortionist moved out, counting the hours and minutes until it closed.  The next morning we (along with the pastor) open the gates for the first time.  We walked in and occupied the land and building giving God praise and glory for the victory.  The experience was surreal as we were overwhelmed by great joy, victory, and praise to God mixed in with great weeping, mourning, prayer, and silent reflection because we knew that babies had just been killed there days before.  The night before, Pro-Life Dave was the only one to follow the abortionist and his U-Haul moving van to his storage facility.  Dave watched from afar as he unloaded.  Little did we know but he had placed in that storage unit what later reports said
to be over 35 bags full of dead babies.  After not paying the storage rent the contents were auction off.  The babies ended up being buried in a shallow, mass grave in a field in Ocean Springs, MS.  In Dec. 1999 the mass grave site was discovered and made the news really big.  There was a police investigation but more importantly people from the community banded together, took custody of the remains, and gave the babies a proper burial and tomb stone.

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Stop the Marilyn Manson Concert

“Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity.”
– Marilyn Manson
Spin magazine, August 1996, p. 34

Pastors’ Alliance

Gulf Coast AFA organized the Coast-wide opposition to the Marilyn Manson concert.
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In addition to heavy lobbying of the Coast Coliseum to stop the event we sent 3 members to the concert to document things.

mmcaRead what we learned.

The experience was ‘enlightening’ to say the least.  We witnessed many acts of public lewdness and open and en-mass drug usage all in the presence of minors as young as 5 AND in the presence of off-duty police and sheriff deputies hired for event security.

In addition to the large Marijuana cloud that filled the entire event, what shocked me most was law enforcement’s open, public “acceptance” that this was normal for concerts.  It appeared we stumbled onto another crime besides Marilyn Manson’s desecration of the Bible (which he tore apart) and American Flag (which he wiped his butt with) — it was the government participation in the wholesale corruption of the minds and bodies of the public, including teens and children.  The ‘bodies’ part of that statement was that everyone at the event ended up inhaling Marijuana.


Since the Coast Coliseum was a government run facility there was not much anyone could do — all in the name of  “free speech” they said.  To solve these issues we recommended that public venues and events centers, like the Coast Coliseum, to be placed in the hands of (not sold to) private management companies who could be held to a higher level of civil and criminal accountability.

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The People vs. Larry Flynt

Hustler” is an extreme hard-core pornography magazine containing themes of “Gang rape, botched abortions, incest, child sexual abuse and racism.”  The movie “The People vs. Larry Flynt” glorified Hustler’s Founder & Owner making him out to be an American hero casting him as an underdog fighting for his liberties against an overbearing government.

In our effort to promote a community standard that included a zero tolerance of pornography, Gulf Coast AFA led aWatch Videocommunity-wide effort in boycotting and protesting the only movie theatre on the Coast to show the film.

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Gay Activist Agenda

During the 1990s, a surge of outside homosexual activist activity targeted the South Mississippi.  The introduction of parades and homosexual bars to several conservative communities in addition to a gay community center and an national activist/pagan campground woke up Coast residents.

Gulf Coast AFA worked with local pastors and residents in building an opposition to the parades and community center.  We continued to closely monitor and document their activities and in addition to public education and debates.

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Since 1984, David Rogers had been a part of an effort to bring Christian Radio to the Gulf Coast of which WAOY became our success story.   In October 1996 WAOY 91.7 FM began broadcasting out of Gulfport.  WAOY, an American Family Radio station, is the premier Christian station the Mississippi Gulf Coast and broadcasts at an amazing 100,000 watts FM (that’s a very big one).

In the early 1980s David Rogers had been a part of promoting Contemporary Christian Music on the MS Gulf Coast, which was new in our area at that time.  In 1984, backed by major Christian record labels, David Rogers founded a ministry called “Promise Productions” which became well know on the Gulf Coast for providing Contemporary Christian Music DJing for all types of Christian youth events, “PROMISE” the Christian Rock Band, and “The Dave & Kelly Show” – a Contemporary Christian Music Video Show. The show was very pioneering for those days since MTV had only began 3 years prior.  During the 1980s, David had also worked in radio in the areas of production, on-air, and operations.


As Gulf Coast AFA President, David worked closely with Roy Wikoff, then station manager,  assisting in its setup, operations and in the
promotion of Pro-Life and Pro-Family Issues.

David got to work with new and now famous radio personalities like Kandi Anderson and Ron Meyers (the current station manager).   David: “I’m proud to have been a part of the founding history of WAOY, a station that has and will continue to make a big impact for God.”

waoycon6PHOTO (RIGHT):  October 1996

Roy Wikoff (left).  Don Wildmon (right) pays a surprise visit before WAOY goes on-air for the first time.  He flew into Gulfport to view AFR’s newest and most high-tech station.


Building the Radio Tower


Conservative Christian Library


1st Gulf Coast AFA & Heritage Library

From its beginning, Gulf Coast AFA kept an office in Biloxi up until 2005 when it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  During the 90s our first office included a library containing resources and materials on Government, History, and Issues.  It was called the American Heritage Library and was open to the community by appointment.  We hosted many small group studies on topics ranging from American Christian Heritage to afa-office2cCreation Science.   We also housed an extensive collection of gambling research which was collected from years in the fight against casino gambling.

In the late 90s we relocated our office into a larger building it allowed us to expand the library topics to add more general Christian resources.  Gulf Coast AFA’s American Heritage Library became the seed to the Conservative Christian Library.

The Conservative Christian Library was open part-time to the public on weekdays and was staffed by volunteers. It grew to include thousands of resources (books, videos, audio, and a large collection of topical vertical files).  It also included a computer lab, multi-media center, and large reading areas which were also used to host topical meetings with teachers and speakers.


Our Office & Library in 2005, After Katrina took the roof.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina tore the roof off the building destroying everything inside.  The library was an idea ahead of its time and will be missed.

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