About Pro-Life Dave

About Pro-Life Dave


David Rogers is known as “Pro-Life Dave” for his work in the Pro-Life Movement. Since 2004 he has been a pioneer in the work on state Personhood Amendments and is considered the founding father of the Personhood Movement. In 2005, Pro-Life Dave introduced the first ever state Personhood Amendment in U.S. History as Mississippi Constitutional Initiative 22.

Totally Committed to Ending Abortion

Pro-Life Dave has taken a Vow of Poverty.  This means that Dave works purely as a volunteer and does not get paid for his time and as such all money and property given goes directly into the ministry.  To continue in the fight Pro-Life Dave relies on the generous giving of Pro-Lifers around the country.

For the past 30 years Dave has committed all his time and resources, beyond covering basic living expenses, into the ministries he was involved with.  As a result he has accomplished great things for God, has lived in continual poverty but has also become one of the richest poor men in the country.  Dave: “When God asks you to do something you don’t say, ‘Lord, I don’t have the money or time.’ you give everything you have to accomplish it.”

After 20 years of living a “missionary-style life” in 2005 Dave chose to give the last bit of property and assets he had into God’s ministry to end abortion.  The question keep being asked:  “What are you willing to give up to help end abortion?”  I replied, “What if I give all?”


Highlights of Activist Work

President (1993-2005):
Gulf Coast American Family Association


Quick Bio

Dave started work as a grassroots organizer in 1990 and is a Political Strategist, Consultant, and Speaker in the Pro-Life, Pro-Family, and Constitutional Movements. From 1993 to 2005, Dave served as President of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Family Association. As one of AFA’s largest affiliates Dave saw a lot of action including having the privileged to see God shutdown our abortion clinic.

Nov_1_2005_UHLA_Copyright_David_RogersPro-Life Dave authored and introduced the first ever state Personhood Amendment (aka Human Life Amendment) in U.S. History.  It was introduced in Mississippi as a Constitutional Initiative in 2005.

Since 1990, Dave has been an active student of the law, government, English and early American history, and also current political and social issues but nothing can compare to the knowledge and wisdom that God gives.   All of Dave’s experiences put together along with the assistance of scholars in the fields of science, law, and history — gave the inspiration and knowledge needed to properly develop a Personhood Amendment capable of overturning Roe v. Wade.

The First State Personhood Amendment in U.S. History

The Ultimate Human Life Amendment (UHLA) was first introduced in 2005 and still remains unparalleled in its comprehensive approach to protecting all life “from fertilization until natural death” including all unborn children “at all stages of biological development” and a ban on assisted suicide.  While this Amendment is not actively promoted today key concepts and wording first introduced in the UHLA lives on in other state Personhood Amendments around the U.S.  The official filing letter also included the “Declaration for the Unborn” – an historic call to action and for national repentance.

The Key to Ending Abortion IS….

The Key to Ending Abortion is to first ask someone who knows how.  Would you agree that God knows how and that his answer and strategies are absolutely perfect and without error?  If God has the answers then we should seek him out for it!

Like many of us, I too have asked God the question why are these terrible things happening in our society.  Since 1990 I have diligently pursued God for answers and “oh boy” did God ever deliver!  The Key to Ending Abortion IS… to Ask God.

Highlights of Activist Work

1990 Campaign Against Legalized Gambling

1990 Campaign Against Legalized Gambling

Pro-Life Dave first got involved in politics as a Key Staffer in campaign opposing legalized gambling in the 1990 Dockside Gambling Referendum in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties.

PHOTO:  Glenn Mitchell (in green) former mayor of Long Beach along with Key Staffers.  I’m the one behind the camera.

WLOX-TV 13 News Interview in 1992

WLOX-TV 13 News Interview in 1992

Pro-Life Dave was the Campaign Manager in the campaign opposing legalized gambling in the 1992 Dockside Gambling Referendum in Harrison County.

From 1993 to 2005, Pro-Life Dave had the great privilege of serving as President of the Gulf Coast American Family Association, one of AFA’s largest affiliates, a Pro-Life and Pro-Family Community Organization serving a population of over 300,000 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, covering 6 counties.

Gulf Coast AFA Video Clips

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Past highlights of Gulf Coast AFA.

college-hawiianshirt1bWork Background

In 1983 Dave began his work in computer repair and programming.  Then in 1992 he added Internet web site publishing to his skills.  He’s worked on computer systems for organizations as large as NOAA, NASA, U.S. Air Force, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Compaq.  Over the years he’s had the privilege of serving people as a consultant in many areas such as business, marketing, non-profit & civic work, political & social issues, and church ministry.  

Christian Ministry

Dave was fortunate to be raised by parents very active in a variety of ministries including missions, music, youth, discipleship, and evangelistic ministries.  “My entire memory of my life as a child and teenager was filled with working alongside my parents in ministry.  Needless to say it made a very big impact in my life and shaped and formed my lifestyle of living for and serving God.”

BSU Missions Trip to Houston, TexasAt the age of 17 (over 30 years ago), Pro-Life Dave dedicated his life into the full-time service of God and Christian ministry.  While not a complete list of his work, Dave has worked in Christian radio, TV, youth and music ministries.  Dave has served over 20 years in a variety of Southern Baptist ministries, including over 7 in youth ministry and 5 in college campus ministry.   Photo (left) is a Spring Break Missions Trip to Houston with the Baptist Student Union of William Carey College.  Over the past 30 years he has also been involved in helping to start, develop, and aid many Christian ministries in South Mississippi, including children’s’ ministries, youth ministries, and evangelistic efforts.

Since 1984, David Rogers had been a part of an effort to bring Christian Radio to the Mississippi Gulf Coast of which WAOY became our success story.   In October 1996 WAOY 91.7 FM began broadcasting out of Gulfport.  WAOY, an American Family Radio station, is the premier Christian station the Mississippi Gulf Coast and broadcasts at an amazing 100,000 watts FM (that’s a very big one).

Dave-and-Kelly-ShowIn the early 1980s David Rogers had been a part of promoting Contemporary Christian Music on the MS Gulf Coast, which was new in our area at that time.

In 1984, backed by major Christian record labels, David Rogers founded a ministry called “Promise Productions” which became well know on the Gulf Coast for providing Contemporary Christian Music DJing for all types of Christian youth events, “PROMISE” the Christian Rock Band, and “The Dave & Kelly Show” – a Contemporary Christian Music Video Show. The show was very pioneering for those days since MTV had only began 3 years prior.  During the 1980s, David had also worked in radio in the areas of production, on-air, and operations. 

Military Service

usmc1-150Our troops on the frontlines are America’s ambassadors to that country.  For those people our troops come into contact with, this may be their only experience of the character and values of a real American.

In realizing this I came up with the great idea, that we needed more authentic Christians on the frontlines.  That they, with their inherent ability under God to overcome hardships and to remain true to God’s values — that they would be the best to represent the U.S.  — that there should be more Christians on the frontlines.

What a great idea I said and over the next few weeks I kept thinking on this new revelation.  One day I looked in the mirror and said how can this be a great idea for other Christians and not for myself.  If I really believed this to be true — then I too must go and try to ‘be that authentic Christian on the frontlines.’

I grew up in a military family, both my grandfathers served in World War II, my step-grandpa served in World War I, and my father served during Vietnam, retiring as an Air Force officer.  His face went white when I told him I was going into the Marine Corps.  For what branch of the military has more frontline experience than the Marines?!  I felt the front-line is where I needed to be.

My Marine Corps service in my early 20s was cut short by a serious injury.  I was only in a short time and served during peace-time.  I learned a lot, grew a lot, and experienced things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  In coming close to the limits of what I could do physically and mentally I gained a rare experience that most people will never know.  Like the Olympic athletes who amaze people with their great feats, I too experience my own personal summit.

What I learned more than anything was how fragile life is and even in our top capacities, how much more we needed to rely on and seek direction from God.  spinning topThat even the most capable, skilled, and talented person, uncontrolled and undirected by God,  is just a spinning top that has no goal except to use up energy and time to achieve a state of ever-changing destinations.


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